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Turn Anything Into Rap

Generate unique rap songs from your articles, videos, podcasts, documents, and more with AI.

Getting Started

Rap Anything in 3 Easy Steps

1. Input

Enter any web link, upload a file, or paste text.

2. Rap

Our AI summarizes the content into rap lyrics.

3. Perform

Generate a music video with lyrics and beats.

Key Features

Unleash Your Creativity

Our AI-powered platform transforms any content into a captivating rap song, complete with a music video.

  • Automated Rap Generation

    Upload any text, video or audio file and our AI will generate a unique rap song based on the content.

  • Lyric Visualization

    Watch the rap lyrics come to life with a dynamic music video that syncs the words to the beat.

  • Customizable Output

    Personalize the rap song by adjusting the tone, style and length to fit your needs.

Rap Anything
Our Work

Rap Anything Portfolio

Check out some of our latest rap creations and see how we've transformed ordinary content into captivating rap songs.

Piano Lyrical: HTML Video

This is HTML Video, a game changer indeed
A new era of websites, let it set your soul free

Freestyle: Turn Anything Into Rap

Custom music video generation, shareable lyric displays
Unlimited content summarizations, in a blaze

Hardcore Rap: Roam Research Diss v3

更不想提那 Graph 视图有多破烂


What Our Customers Say

Hear from the people who have used our service to transform their content into captivating rap songs.

“Rap Anything is a game-changer! I used it to turn my boring resume into a fire rap track that got me hired instantly.“
John Doe
Software Engineer
“I used Rap Anything to turn my mundane biology notes into a captivating rap masterpiece, making learning an absolute blast and helping me ace my exams!“
Sarah Miller
College Student
“Rap Anything is the best way to make your content stand out. I used it to turn my business pitch into a catchy rap and landed a huge investment deal.“
Michael Johnson

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  • Custom music video generation
  • Shareable lyric videos


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  • Unlimited content summarizations
  • Custom beats and lyrics
  • Professional AIGC videos
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Unleash your creativity and turn any text, video, or audio into a captivating rap song with our AI-powered platform.